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Sky Channels

Sky has some of the largest selection of its own channels and this makes it an entirely unique player on the market as never before has a broadcaster released so many of its very own TV programs.

Apart from its own channels Sky is the provider of the largest number of TV channels in a package ( 350+ including channels from all across the world) and so far it seems unbeatable in terms of bringing the best technology viewer experience for everyone in the UK.

The company is very unique for a couple of good reasons, let’s name a few of these:

  • Having the highest number of self-produced TV channels Being the first broadcaster to offer pay per view TV services in Europe
  • Being the first ever company offering video rental services The first one to come out with Digital TV
  • Sky was also the first to present HD ( High definition) in the UK
  • And now, Sky is the first one already broadcasting on UHD ( Ultra-high definition)
  • The beholder of the first device which enables users to watch its programs from multiple unconnected TV sets

Classic Sky TV Remote

Let’s see what Sky has to offer today: and these are only the self-produced channels. If you want to find out what the other 300 channels are, you should visit Sky.com or call the Sky contact number.

  • Entertainment: 13 channels
  • Sports: 8 channels
  • News channels: 4 channels (one in Arabic)
  • Movie channels: 11 separate channels
  • Documentary channels 3
  • Kids channels 4

Highlighted original Sky channels include the following:

  • Sky 1 - Representing mainly movies and TV series
  • Sky Living - Featuring movies and series
  • Sky Atlantic - offering a wide array of international movies and TV series
  • Sky Arts - Documentary channel featuring arts, nature and lifestyle related documentaries
  • Sky Cinema - Exclusive movie channel
  • Sky News - Exclusive news channel
  • Sky Sports - the leading sports channel of Sky
  • Sky Store - The company’s pay per view ( movie and series rental) channel
  • Sky Kids- Kids channel
  • Sky Box sets - Specifically aiming those who want to purchase or rend a whole set of series
  • Sky Go - The watch-TV-anywhere service for subscribers

As an extra Sky offers two extra packages the Sports and the Movie package featuring multiple channels and unique programs you are not likely watch anywhere else anytime soon. Sports features unique events where broadcasting rights are solely provided to SKY Sports.

Sky offers access to their channels through both cable and satellite (communal TV). Despite offering a diverse range of services Sky is openly focusing on providing the best ever broadcasting experience for its customers. Today each package features the company’s alone standing TV-computer device called Sky Q that enables users to record, store, rewind programs, watch multiple channels all in the same time and being able to watch the same channels from other non-physically connected TV devices too.

Sky dish

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