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DVLA services: driving license related services

DVLA is responsible for all administrative things which relate to any type of vehicle. This is where you need to report any change regarding the vehicle, paying taxes, sending in your driving license and almost all the process is happening in an electronic or postal way. Today, I’d like to elaborate on all the services DVLA offers that are all driving license related.

Obtaining a driving license is not easy in the UK: in fact it is a pretty long, tedious and tiring process one needs to go through to be able to legally be able to drive. There are tons of obligations, possible taxes to be paid, health condition needs to be checked to prove you are fit for driving all in all. This involves the process of someone reporting to have a change in one or more of their health conditions (from the point of view of driving license I’ve chosen someone having to switch to glasses).

Let’s break these services down one by one this time: Information on:

  • Legal obligations concerning both drivers and riders
  • What health condition changes need to be reported to DVLA

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Application forms:

information and downloadable application forms or to see where your application process is at the moment.

  • Application for first driving license ( provisional)
  • List of identification documents necessary for application
  • Application tracker – online
  • Application for full driving license

Applications for renewals:

when it comes to expirations, reapplications, renewal of any documentation this is the place you need to go.

  • Renewal of papers
  • Special renewal for over 70 years of age
  • Special renewal for over 45 years of age - for lorry, bus and minibus
  • When you want to switch paper driving license to a photo card version
  • Reapplication for driving license following a medical condition
  • Exchange foreign driving license to British one
  • Papers necessary for those driving in the area of Great Britain holding a foreign driving license
  • Extra fees: there are fees to every process. You can check out the detailed table of fees of all transactions and changes on the governmental website.
  • Order forms
  • Filing report for when you lose, damage or have your driving license stolen

Changed data forms:

  • Address change forms
  • Change of address
  • Change name or gender
  • Changing of photo

When it comes to all the extras you can also do the following in the database:

  • Check on someone’s driving license information
  • Share your own driving license information

This is only part of the big picture, I will soon be back with the rest of the applications you need to give in or obtain for at DVLA.