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British Gas the key facts

In this chapter I’d like to say a few words about a real traditional and historical company, which is still part of the Big Six ( meaning the 6 key companies responsible for the whole energy supply business of United Kingdom, British Gas.

As it would be way too long to write down the whole history of the company I will only enlist some key facts with respect to the history, the current situation and the current services of this business.

  • Founded in 1972 in its present form the British Gas Corporation was bound to be a lone star on the sky of gas providers and so it remained for the rest 14 years
  • In 1986 with the privatization the situation has really changed and British Gas was forced in competiton
  • Today being part of Centrica, British Gas is being operated as an independend company. It went through several rebranding until it has reached today’s fresh and youthful appearance. You can stay in touch with them via contact phone numbers
  • With over 11 Million households and businesses being their clients British Gas is still ranked Nr 1.

British gas is part of the "big six"

British Gas can keep its popularity due to several reasons, among which we can get to find the following ones:

  • has decided to drastically widen its services : it’s Home Service System is one of the most popular and mostly used by many.
  • The Home services include services such as:
  • full repair
  • electronic repair
  • kitchen appliance repair
  • Boiler repair

On top of it all they are also among the largest sellers of low to medium priced heating appliances, boilers and many tools more. To top it all they have a wide range of insurance system dedicated to households, landlords and building insurance. They are ready to get involved in building out your total heating system straight from the start of a construction or of a full renovation

They have adapted a wide array of energy saving products which have two things in common:

They do save energy / or help saving energy by showing how much one is using They can all work with remote control: did you leave the lights open? No problem, you can turn it off while being at work. Did you turn the heating off but don’t want to return to a stone cold flat? No problem you can turn the heating off with the help of a great application that works both through desktop and mobile devices.

Sometimes rebranding and focusing on an already working customerbase can help a business a lot and this is exactly where British Gas seems to prevail the most. It has millions of countrywide households using their services and they do their best to keep them with all their new, additional services.

British Gas Engineers offer great service plans for it's customers