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What Are Micromounts


Micromounts are defined as mineral, rock and crystal specimens the beauty of which can be admired only when properly magnified. They are not only smaller fragments of larger specimens as often mistakenly believed. Sometimes they are but micromount collections often include some the rarest and the most spectacular minerals which are available only in the micro form.

Collecting micromounts is not as popular as collecting larger specimens, however, micromounters as collectors of these materials call themselves often own impressive collections. These may include minerals and crystals the traditional collectors can only dream about. Unlike larger specimens, micromounts can be bought at very reasonable prices which makes them an excellent hobby for rock and mineral enthusiasts who cannot afford to collect larger pieces. However, micromounting should not be considered a less expensive alternative to collecting large specimens. On the contrary, many micromounters prefer this type of mineral, rock and crystal collecting due to the fact that many specimens can be admired only when magnified no matter how big or small they are.

The size of micromounts can vary from a half of centimetre to a nearly visible particle. For that reason they are typically held in specially made enclosed boxes or containers mounted on a pedestal to protect them from dust, dirt, moisture and other unforeseen factors that can cause damage to them. Some micromounters do not mount their specimens permanently but many micro materials are too fragile to be simply put in a box for instance.


Unlike the most impressive large specimens that can be collected only at a few locations in the world, some of the most astonishing micro materials can be found just about everywhere. In fact, micromounts including the most highly valued ones are often found in places where collectors of large specimens cannot find anything. However, not all minerals and rocks are available on a single place and eventually, the most devoted micromounters have nothing more to collect near their home. Finding exiting micro materials is not as easy as finding large specimens because the dealers are not particularly interested in micromounts due to their low cost. Fortunately, the micromounting community has a tradition of sharing knowledge and trading with micromounts. Most micromounters take advantage of the Internet to connect themselves with other micromounting enthusiasts to buy, sell and exchange micro materials.

The prices of micromounts vary greatly from one type of material to another but in compare to large specimens, they can be bought at ridiculously low prices. So if you are interested in this type of mineral, rock or/and crystal collecting, you will have no difficulties finding impressive micro materials at a reasonable price. Keep in mind, however, that you need a microscope as well to be able to admire the pieces from your collection. But do not worry though, a microscope with a 10x to 30x magnifying glass (the one that is used to look at insects) will do and will not cost you a fortune.